Parent Company

Our parent company


..of creativity, business and social innovation…

And our work is just that; in the world of social innovation. Essentially we are social entrepreneurs in an organization that develop strategies using social mission to innovate and drive our business. Some would say this is just good business, but for us, it is the future of business.

We started out in 2005, as a group of analysts, fund managers, investment advisors, technology architects and communication consultants with a vision to revolutionize the Malaysian capital market industry. A spin-off from a boutique fund-management company, we decided to embark on a business venture by creating a communication technologies company combining integrated marketing communications, technologies and financial research & database. As we evolved throughout the years, our business focal point now lies in providing solutions to social issues in Talent Development, Recruitment and sustainable corporate and lifestyle experiences.

We humbly list our achievements:

Pathfinder Investor, a realtime financial information solution for the Malaysian capital market;

Pathfinder Education, an online financial information e-learning tool for 20 public universities;

University Pathfinder Investment Camp, UPIC, a three-year graduate employability program for public universities developed for the Ministry of Higher Education;

Amannagappa, a tropical beach getaway in Pulau Redang developed under a sustainable tourism project, which attained No. 1, B&B, Pulau Redang on Trip Advisor, 2013;

Pusat Kerjaya Amanjaya, Perak’s Recruitment and Entrepreneurship Center, for Perak State Government;

Secondary School Career Exploration and Apprenticeship Program for secondary schools in rural areas of Perak.

Talent Lounge, a lifestyle collaborative space for talent development, showcase and launchpad.